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How we make games

We at Lightheart believe in putting the game in the hands of the team - everything from idea to execution, from development to growth. We organise into small teams that encapsulate all the disciplines of building a game whether it’s designing back end systems or making ad creatives. 

We look for people who have their area of passion and expertise, but are into other disciplines as well. We find that knowing and understanding what fellow team members face brings better decisions and more happiness.

We also believe that given the right support, a team can self-organize far more efficiently than a hierarchy can. We believe the best decisions regarding a game come from people who are closest to where the magic happens.

At the end of the day, our work is about combining data with craftsmanship, about learning from the market as fast as possible. The market moves fast, and every month we have to take time to learn and unlearn. To make sure we use the numbers to learn instead of wielding authority, we emphasize openness and trust.

What are we working on, you might ask? That’s important, too. We are a mobile game studio, and we focus on pioneering games that combine the instant joy of hyper-casual games and the deeper elements that make a game turn into a hobby. But words rarely do games justice. Try out Mr Autofire, the first of our games. It’s fun. We promise.


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